Viewing Wanted/Available Products

Any company or individual can advertise in Waste2Wealth of their wanted products. As a user, if you want to view the wanted products that you wish to supply, you can directly click on the Wanted Product on top of the website to preview those products in Malaysia and start scrolling down to browse all wanted listings.

Viewing and Searching

To search and view products, you can directly click on the Available Product on top of the website to preview available products in Malaysia and start scrolling down to view all selection of waste/service/technology advertised in Waste2Wealth.

Unable to Make a Booking

There are several reasons for the “Reserve” function to be unavailable: You have not signed in to Waste 2 Wealth. Please sign in using an individual or company account to reserve a product.

Tokens as a Payment Method

Generally speaking, the payment method that is convenience for customers can be risky for merchants. Thereby, the usage of “tokens” can reduce the risk by protecting credit card details.

Starting in W2W

The displayed banners contain key highlights of the sponsored content, available events/training/talk or seminars etc. Through the homepage, you can perform a quick product search using the “Find your product” search filter, or browse for desire products through summary lists of “Recommended available product”, “Recommended wanted product”, “Latest available product” as well as “Latest Wanted Product”.

Rejected Booking

If your offer has been accepted by the seller, you can contact the seller via the “Contact” button under My Account. Your submitted reserve offer may be rejected by the seller if the seller disagrees with your stated price, purchase quantity or other trading terms stated in the “Make an offer” form.