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Rejected Booking

If your offer has been accepted by the seller, you can contact the seller via the “Contact” button under My Account. Your submitted reserve offer may be rejected by the seller if the seller disagrees with your stated price, purchase quantity or other trading terms stated in the “Make an offer” form.

You can view your rejected offers by clicking the profile icon at the top right of the webpage and go to My Account > Make an Offer > Status > Negotiation

The seller may state the reason for offer rejection shown as remarks. You can click “Revise and Make Another Deal” to negotiate further with the seller on the purchase offer based on the remarks given.

By clicking “Make offer again”, you can put the negotiated price and product quantity to persuade the seller in accepting the offer. Include your feedback on the seller’s remarks in the “Additional information” column.

The new offer pending for seller’s review will add to the product negotiation record. If the seller accepts your negotiated offer, the successful offer will move to Make an Offer > Purchase History.

If the new offer is rejected again by the Seller, the latest negotiation record will be updated with the status “Seller has declined your offer” when you click Revise and “Make Another Deal” under the Negotiation section. However, you can choose to continue the negotiation process by submitting another revised offer to the seller using “Make an Offer” button until the offer is accepted.

Otherwise, you can choose to browse for other suppliers with a similar product or alternative products to reserve on Waste2Wealth.

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